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Dyal Singh Public School, Panipat is one of the best-equipped schools with facilities that support excellence in all areas. The infrastructure has been suitably planned to facilitate learning and all round development of the child. The school stands on an extensive 5.10 acre campus in the picturesque in Panipat. DSPS Panipat is located in a pollution free campus. It is located in HUDA Sector 13 – 17 Near the Delhi – Chandigarh National highway.

Board of Trustees

Dewan Gajendra Kumar

Sh. C. K. Sawhney, IPS

Sh. R. C. Sharma, IPS

Justice Ashok Bhan

Sh. D. K. Raina

Justice Sudarshan Kumar Mishra

“Engage, Inspire and Innovate”

Slogan of the Session

DSPS Panipat

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Sector 13-17, HUDA, Panipat (Haryana)
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