Examination &Promotion Policy

For Nursery to II

Annual promotion of the children of Pre-Primary classes will be based on their entire year’s cumulative progress on the basis of CBSE criteria.

For III to X

Note: CBSE has introduced recently the element of Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity, Behavior and Values) that will be graded by class teachers on 5-point grading scale.

Std. XI :- For promotion

  1. Pass percentage in each subject will be as per the CBSE rules i.e. 33%
  2. For practical subjects, it is compulsory to pass in the theory & practical exams separately.
  3. No grace marks shall be given.
  4. 70% attendance is compulsory (unless otherwise sanctioned by the Principal in writing)
  5. No compartments will be given. But children who fail in one subject will be conditionally promoted, if they score 20% & above in the subject.
  6. For promotion only the Final Exam result will be taken into consideration.
  7. If a student goes to attend any competition on behalf of the School, a separate exam will be conducted for him/her.
  8. Regular reports will be sent to the parents about ‘Attendance’ & Not up to the mark performance’ &about date of PTM’s. At the PTM’s the parents are to be given a clear picture of their ward’s ‘progress’ & ‘ Promotion Doubtful’ letters issued to them, if considered advisable.
  9. The class teacher shall keep a record of no. 8 above, duly acknowledged by the Parents.

Examination Code of Conduct

Before the Commencement of the Examination:

  • The teacher invigilator reserves the right to expel any student from the room/hall if she/he misbehaves during the examination.
  • Students sitting for the examination must adhere to the school rules with regards to attire, hair style & accessories.
  • All the students need to be in their seats 10 min before the commencement of exam.
  • Electronic gadgets & communication devices such as calculators, phones etc. are not allowed.
  • No extra time will be given to the latecomers.
  • There should be absolute silence before the question papers are distributed & during the collection of papers.

During the Examination:

  • Don’t communicate with other students.
  • Don’t leave any sheet of your answers or diagrams in such a position that another student can read them.
  • Follow the invigilator’s instructions at all times.
  • Strict action will be taken against the students using unfair means.
  • Students should have their own stationary with them, borrowing or lending is strictly prohibited.

After the Examination:

  • At the end of each paper, remain quiet and ensure that all scripts are handed in as instructed by the invigilator.
  • No student is allowed to take any writing paper, used or unused, out of the examination hall.
  • Students are reminded to leave quietly and not to disturb the other students who might still be sitting for their papers.
  • However, after the last paper of each day, students are to leave the school.
  • Do not loiter around the school or neighbourhood.

Attendance during Examination:

  • Attendance during Examination is compulsory. A student can take leave only on Medical ground. Medical Certificate is necessary along with leave application.
  • Examination schedule will be strictly followed. No changes in the date sheet will be made under any circumstances.
  • Examination in any subject will not be conducted again for the student (III to XII) who remains absent for any reason.

Attendance/Tardies/Leaving School Early Rules

  1. Every student must complete 75% of school attendance to qualify for appearing in the annual examination. In very rare and genuine cases, shortage of ten lectures may be condoned by the Principal.
  2. Attendance in the Morning Assembly is compulsory.
  3. No leave application will be entertained if it is not properly endorsed by the authorized guardian/parent.
  4. Attendance at school function, co-curricular activities, and extra classes is equally compulsory and the same norms, as mentioned above, are applicable to such activities too.
  5. A student must get his/her leave sanctioned in advance.
  6. Continuous absence for 6 days without prior information may lead to striking off the name from the school roll.

Note: Regular and prompt attendance is necessary for a student to maintain satisfactory progress. Excessive absences and tardiness from school are detrimental to the educational process. Regular attendance is crucial for better learning. Parents should plan vacations and trips which do not conflict with the school’s instructional calendar. When students arrive late or leave early, they miss valuable information and are at a disadvantage. Late arrivals and early dismissals can be very disruptive to other students and to the teacher. When possible, please try to schedule appointments so that they do not conflict with school hours. Sickness, severe illness or death in the family, exposure to a contagious disease, religious holidays or extremely inclement weather are considered legitimate excuses for absence or tardiness.

If a student is to be absent, parents are urged to inform the school in advance.