Lao Tzu says, “even a thousand mile journey must begin with the first step”. It was with this vision that Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia established the Dyal Singh Trust. He was a great son of Punjab (1848-98) who is also known as the founder of “The Tribune” and one who bequeathed largely self earned assets in Amritsar, Lahore and Gurdaspur worth about Rs.30 lacs in 1898 to two trusts that later established the Dyal Singh College and Dyal Singh Library in Lahore. When India was partitioned in 1947, The Tribune shifted to Shimla then to Ambala and subsequently, to Chandigarh, but the

college and the public library named after him remained in Lahore. While the names of many institutions in Pakistan underwent a change, it is a tribute to S.Dyal Singh that the Pakistan govt. retained his name for the college and public library. The College and the Library in Pakistan, Dyal Singh college, Karnal and New Delhi, Dyal Singh Public Library, New Delhi, Dyal Singh Public School, Dyal Singh Colony ,Karnal, Dyal Singh Public School, Sec-7, Karnal and Dyal Singh public School ,Jagadhari are the reminders of the munificence of a great man who has left his mark in Indian sub-continent. S.Dyal Singh had no issue-male or female to carry on his family line but no son of Dyal Singh could have done more to keep his name alive than what Dewan Anand Kumar did to perpetuate the great Sardar’s memory.

Dewan Anand Kumar was a member of Dyal Singh Trust. He worked for the starting of Dyal Singh College at Karnal and Dyal Singh Library in Delhi.He was the Chairman of Mool Chand Kharaiti Ram Hospital.He also helped in the starting of Dairy Research Institute at Karnal ,the Medical College and Thapar Engg. College at Patiala,Guru Nanak Engg. College at Ludhiana and the F.C Women’s College at Hissar.

Even during the last days of Dewan Sahib’s life, one thought upper most in his mind was that Dyal Singh Trust must prosper. Today, Dewan Anand Kumar and Dewan Gajender Kumar are no more with us physically but the fragrance of their spirits pervades Dyal Singh Institutions. Now, we all the members who are associated with these prestigious institutions have to shoulder the responsibility to carry on his work from generation to generation as this will be our tribute to them in real words.