All pupils should be honest, show courtesy and kindness to others, and try to maintain and improve the reputation of the school.


  1. If a pupil requires leave of absence, his/her parent/guardian must write to the school beforehand, with full explanation for leave. If the student is sick, a parental letter explaining the case should be submitted to his/her Class Teacher when the child resumes school. (A medical certificate should also be attached for sick leave of two or more days.)

  2. No pupil is permitted to leave school during school hours without the permission of the Class Teacher and of the Principal. The reason for wishing to leave must be written in a book kept at reception and this must then be signed by the Class Teacher and the Parents/Guardians.

  3. Any pupil who feels sick and wishes to take a rest in the medical room should enter her/his name in a register, and then the Class will also sign. The Monitor/Monitress should inform the Class Teacher of any pupil staying in the medical room as soon as possible. The Monitor/Monitress should also keep the other teachers who come in the following periods informed.


  1. Any pupil who arrives late either in the morning must get tardy slip from the reception.

  2. The Late Arrival Book will be checked periodically by one of the Discipline Teachers. Any late-comer should explain to his/her Class Teacher for being late.


  1. All pupils should behave well and obey the school rules at all times in school.

  2. Any pupil found to have stolen or intending to steal other persons’ property will be subject to heavy penalty. The incident will be written down in the record card, and his parents will be immediately contacted with appropriate follow-up action.

  3. When going to and from classes, pupils must line up on white line and walk quietly and keep to the left. They should use the staircase nearest to their classroom and make as little disturbance to other classes as possible.

  4. Valuables & objects unrelated to learning activities in the school should not be brought to the school.

  5. Students who wear improper school uniform, use vulgar language, litter, fight, bully others and play truant will be subject to disciplinary action.


  1. All pupils must come to school in proper uniform and must be clean and tidy.

  2. Hair-style should give a neat and tidy appearance.

  3. No pupils shall wear or bring to school valuable or whimsical ornaments.

Monitors and Monitresses

  1. The Class Monitor/Monitress is responsible for the discipline in the class when no teacher is present.

  2. He/she must report to the Adjustments Incharge if the class is without a teacher five minutes after a lesson begins in case he/she cannot find the teacher.

  3. He/she should write on the top right corner of the blackboard the number of pupils present and the class number of the classmate on duty on that day.

  4. He/she must see that lights, fans and projectors are turned off whenever the classroom is vacated.

P.E. Lessons

  1. All pupils must attend the P.E. lessons unless exempted. For a long period of exemption from P.E. lessons, a certificate from a registered medical practitioner must be produced.

  2. A pupil must obtain permission from the P.E. teacher to be exempted from any single P.E. lesson.


  1. Prefects are responsible for helping the school in maintaining discipline. Their instructions must be obeyed by all pupils. Disobeying the instructions of the prefects is regarded as misbehaviour and appropriate action will be taken according to the nature of the case.

School Properties

  1. Pupils should not do any damage to the school properties. Any intentional damage done to the school properties will be taken seriously by the school authority.

  2. Any damage to the school properties should be reported to the Reception immediately.

  3. Desks, chairs and other pieces of furniture must be brought back to their original places after use.

Staff Rooms

  1. No pupil may enter a Staff Room without permission. Should a pupil wish to enter a Staff Room for any reason, he/she must knock at the door and wait for permission to enter.


The school must be kept clean. All litter must be put into waste-paper baskets or bins.

  1. Blackboard and floor of classroom should be kept clean by the pupil on duty. To tidy up the drawers at all times is the responsibility of the pupils who are using them.

  2. Any pupil who litters the school premises will be required to do certain cleaning assignments.