Fees are to be deposited in the Bank, by the 10th of the alternate month. The students newly admitted in the school will pay the fee for April & May at the time of admission. In the interest of the parents, it is advisable to pay the fee in time, failing which fine will be charged as per the following rates. :-

  1. For first 10 days Rs. 50/­
  2. For next 10 days Rs. 100/‑
  3. In case of failure to deposit the fee upto 30 days, Rs. 150/-
  4. In case of delay upto 50 days, Rs. 500/-
  5. Re-admission fee will be charged Rs.500/-

Other Terms & Conditions Regarding Fee :

  1. Admission Charges are payable once at the time of admission only.

  2. Refund of student security should be claimed within one year of leaving the school. Due to any reason, after one year the security will lapse to the school.

  3. Fee once paid will be refunded as per CBSE norms.