Dear Student,
I welcome you to your school. The aims and objectives of the school are simply explained to help you achieve the desired standard of excellence, we know you are capable of reaching. The school aims to produce modern secular Indian citizens with a scientific temper, ready to face any global challenge having gathered the wisdom of the east and the west. Your success in becoming a good student and a responsible citizen depends upon many factors, some of which are given below :

  1. Your own family and the values it teaches.
  2. Your friends in the school and in your neighbourhood who greatly influence your goals, behaviour and degree of academic success and excellence.
  3. Finally your own desire and determination to succeed.

Your School has all the resources available to impart the best School Education possible as per C.B.S.E. standards. Though the school has the best facilities available in any good Public School and a very competent teaching staff to achieve and maintain high academic standards yet they alone cannot guarantee you success. Practically the school’s objectives have to be realized by you with hard labour which is the only way to achieve the desired success in life accept “Always Our Best” as your motto and you will go far in school and in your chosen career. We hope you will have a very successful and happy year at school.

With best wishes.

Dyal Singh Public School
Panipat (Haryana)